1992 Chevrolet C7H042 Kodiak Regular Cab Oil Distributor Truck
Miles- 115,384
$10,950.00/ OBO

2022 John Deere Mower 6110M with Diamond Boom Mower
Hours- 916

$ 180,000.00

2017 John Deere Tractor 6125M with Diamond Boom Mower
Hours- 5549

This boom mower is not for rental if you are out of the state of Illinois.
Delivery charge is by the mile.

Boom Mower Rental

For Roadside Mowing

Rent by the Day, week or Month

Call for Rental Rates


Diamond Rotary Boom Mower

23′ Reach

Joystick  Control, High Pivot Point for clearance over guard rails

John Deere 6430 w/ Cab and Air

4wd / Front Wheel Assist


Delivered and Picked up


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