Self Contained Ratchet Straps w/ Flat Hooks Stock# USA-SCR5027FH

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2″ x 27′ Self Contained Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks

The self-contained Ratchet with its patented design is quickly changing the truck tie-down industry; it allows the user to use as much or as little of the strap as needed, while the rest of the webbing is secured and stored safely behind the ratchet.

  • No more excess webbing flapping around in the wind.


  • No more tying or taping up the extra webbing from your assemblies.


  • No more chance of getting a ticket for unsecured straps holding your load.


  • Our built-in handle makes it easy to wind up the webbing when you are through using the strap and this allows for the complete assembly to be stored neatly after each use.